PUSD Fiscal and Governance Options

Fiscal and Governance Options

PUSD claims in a January 2011 mailing "After consecutive years of budget shortfalls, there is little left to cut but teachers and classroom instructional programs that directly impact the classroom."

There are many options PUSD has to reduce expenses, increase productivity and improve governance without impacting the classroom. The following will be an always updated list of opportunities PUSD has to continuously improve its Fiscal Excellence.

Estimated cost savings will be added when PUSD releases their 2011-12 budget plans.

v 1.4 - March 16, 2011

  1. Remove step 6 from the management salary schedule.
  2. Across the board salary reduction of 5%.
  3. Reduce longevity bonus by 2% from each 5 year increment on the schedule.
  4. Remove the top level (35 years / 9%) longevity bonus from the schedule.
  5. Add up to five workdays to the school year.
  6. Utilize ten furlough days.

  1. Eliminate the paid Birthday Holiday. Eliminate paid holidays not explicitly required by Federal or CA Ed Code.
  2. Reduce longevity bonus by 2% from each 5 year increment on the schedule.
  3. Utilize ten furlough days.

  1. Across the board salary reduction of 5%.
  2. Utilize ten furlough days.
  3. Maximum utilization of CSR [reduced penalty] exemption as allowed by CA.

Open Governance and Transparency
  1. Update the employee scattergrams. For management and classified, include the distribution of employees in the longevity payment schedule.
  2. Remove the Associations/Unions from a permanent invitation on school board meeting agendas. They can use public comments.

Education Reforms
  1. Initiate and implement improved teacher and principal evaluations.
  2. Initiate and implement a merit pay system that rewards teacher excellence.
  3. Eliminate 3.21.7 from the classified CSEA contract to allow more volunteers to assist the school district.
Reform 3 will require PUSD to initiate an effort to change the CA Education Code, or request a waiver. PUSD supports statewide lawsuits, ballot initiatives and tax measures. PUSD should also be working to change Education Code policies that prevent or impede improved school operations. Thanks to the Independent for reporting on this topic.

  1. California provides temporary expense relief through a reduction of the school year and CSR flexibility. Taking advantage of this does impact the classroom. PUSD has employed this relief in the 09-10 and 10-11 school years. We recommend continuing to utilize this relief and use the savings to restore teachers, programs and services that have been cut in prior years.
  2. An across the board salary reduction for certificated employees (teachers) is recommended in place of a freeze in step and column raises. We believe that increases (column) due to completion of advanced studies have some merit. And we would prefer to see reform in this pay structure that rewards teaching excellence. An across the board reduction is equitable, unbiased and produces a permanent reduction in the cost structure.
  3. Education reform initiatives across the country also include eliminating tenure, school choice and other ideas that have great merit, yet will take much work to implement. The choice for PUSD is to begin with reform that is achievable and practical in the areas of improved evaluations and rewarding excellence.