Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teacher Pay: How does PUSD compare statewide?

The Sacramento Bee published a searchable database comparing teacher salaries across California school districts. The first table shows Pleasanton has the 19th highest paying school district in the state. And ranks 3rd among all large districts. Among those highest paying school districts, Pleasanton has the lowest average years teaching.

It should be noted that many years ago, PUSD and the teachers union negotiated that teachers salaries would be dramatically increased in return for eliminating a medical benefit plan. PUSD estimates approximately 70% of Pleasanton teachers receive medical benefits through a spouse's plan. Not only are a majority of teachers receiving income for a benefit they derive elsewhere, their CalSTRS pensions are significantly higher as they are calculated based on the salary.

Bay Area News Group has submitted a request to the District to obtain employee compensation data.

PUSD scattergram of teacher salaries dated January 2010 shows 124 FTE earning the maximum salary of $98,045.

Other PUSD financial data is here.