Saturday, January 8, 2011

Governor Brown, CTA and the CA Board of Education

Governor Brown's appointees to the CA Board of Education are being viewed as influenced by the teachers unions according to this LATimes article :

"CTA president David Sanchez said the union was thrilled by the new appointees because he believed the board had been stacked with too many members connected to charters, which are mostly nonunion.

He said that although there was no quid pro quo, "we did work our butts off with getting the word out" about Brown's candidacy, adding that he had told Brown of his concerns about the board numerous times. Sanchez also said that if Brown proposes June ballot measures to help fund schools, "we're going to invest time and money in it."

Critics say the string of appointees was more than payback for the union's support during the election, it was an effort to keep them and their coffers in Brown's corner. "